[development] mysql merge tables and partitioning

Moshe Weitzman weitzman at tejasa.com
Thu Feb 1 03:50:06 UTC 2007

nice article at 
it describes mysql's new partitioning feature which seems like a good idea 
for our accesslog table. seems like drupal doesn't even have to know about 
the partitions, apart from system.install.

if you haven't looked into it, access logging is a bad performance 
bottleneck in drupal. if you want a fast site, i recommend disabling 
statistics.module entirely.

if your DBMS isn't mysql 5.1+ this would not apply to your site. thats 
obvious, but i'm quite certain someone will complain that this is mysql only 
and 5.1_ only and all that. yeah, we know. move on.

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