[development] Profile module for D6

Rowan Kerr rowan at stasis.org
Thu Feb 1 18:18:07 UTC 2007

The last few projects I've worked on have called for a few enhancements 
to profile.module, and I was wondering if it would be worth submitting 
patches for consideration in Drupal 6, or whether profile.module will 
even survive that long :)

The updates to profile module will be useful for supporting OpenID 
attribute exchange, as well as general data integrity of profile data. 
And it doesn't break any of the previous functionality.

New features:
- multiple-select lists
   (took the easy way out and stored as serialized data
   could be improved to store the data in normalized tables)

- key=>value mapping for select lists

- data validation for each field
   (eg. email, numbers, strings, postal code)

- complex data types (eg. address: street, city, state, etc)
   (this is not as important as the previous ones but may
   be useful for some people)


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