[development] CVS branch work best practices?

Syscrusher syscrusher at 4th.com
Fri Feb 2 15:03:33 UTC 2007

On Friday 02 February 2007 09:43, AjK wrote:
> First, contrib devel is not core devel. Core devel happens at HEAD as we all
> know. But contrib need not. Basically, if you reserve your contrib HEAD for
> Code Freeze then you need do no work in it at all. In fact, I'm deleting my
> contrib HEAD files and leaving a README.txt that just says "Please use a
> stable release from the DRUPAL-x branch".

This makes a great deal of sense to me, and is probably the way I'll start
working now that I know it's okay to do so.

What mechanism is recommended for the actual re-creation of HEAD during code
freeze, though? It's fairly obvious how to delete files out of HEAD (and I like
the idea of leaving only a README.txt there), but when it's time to rebuild
HEAD do I use an import or just "cvs add" the files?

Also....do we care about the fact that HEAD will no longer have a comprehensive
revision history of the main trunk of development for the module? (Maybe that
isn't a question that can be answered "globally" for all...but I'm looking for
opinions from others.)

Thanks for the suggestion.


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