[development] CVS branch work best practices?

Earnie Boyd earnie at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Feb 2 18:54:29 UTC 2007

Quoting Earl Miles <merlin at logrus.com>:

> 2) You will be unable to offer the people who do use your modules and 
> are likely to demand features those features. Yes, you can say you've 
> built them...and now they must wait until Drupal 6 is available and 
> usable. Remember, the people who actually *use* Drupal (i.e, for real 
> production purposes) are strongly encouraged not to use a version of 
> Drupal until it is ready and stable. At our current plan, with a Jun 
> 1 code freeze, chances are Drupal 6 will be out sometime in the fall. 
> That means anyone doing new features for modules exclusively in HEAD 
> *right now* will experience greater than half a year lag of those 
> features being available to those features being actively used.

Forgive my ignorance in the matter but aren't there two HEAD modules; 
drupal and contributions? Doesn't a HEAD freeze only affect the drupal 
module?  It seems to me that the contributed modules control their own 
destiny in this matter.


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