[development] Looking for new module maintainers

Tony Guntharp fusion94 at damagestudios.net
Sat Feb 3 18:58:13 UTC 2007

I can take a crack at the views bookmarks module. Let me know what  
you need from me.



Tony Guntharp
Co-Founder SourceForge.net
fusion94 at damagestudios.net

On Feb 3, 2007, at 10:48 AM, Earl Miles wrote:

> Posting to the dev list doesn't seem to get a lot of response to  
> this kind of query, but I'm posting it here anyway.
> I need to reduce my workload a bit. Some of these requests have  
> been standing for awhile, but I probably have not done a good job  
> of making sure the requests are out there where everyone can see them.
> I’m looking for the following:
>     * A new maintainer for delicious module. — the delicious API  
> has changed. This is a module I took over maintenance on back in my  
> early days of Drupal, and I’m just not particularly interested in  
> it, which means it languishes. It’s still a very valuable and  
> useful module. Right now all it NEEDS is someone who’ll maintain  
> it, keep up with the API, and make the 4.7.x version stable and  
> port it to 5.x. It could use someone who’d like to redo the entire  
> thing and make it use nodes and taxonomy as well.
>     * A new maintainer for the views bookmarks module — this module  
> isn’t terribly difficult, but it is a touch more advanced than some  
> might be. It’s a useful module that has a lot more users than I  
> realized — but I haven’t the time to properly maintain it. It  
> doesn’t need MUCH maintenance, either. I don’t think there’s too  
> far that this piece of code needs to go, it just needs the  
> occasional bug fix.
>     * A co-maintainer for the forum access module — this module is  
> extremely useful and there’s quite a bit of room for this to grow  
> into a healthy add-on to the forum module. Theoretically it could  
> also branch into an advanced forum set of its own. There’s lots of  
> things that could happen here. I’d like to retain involvement in  
> the module, but I don’t need to; if someone comes along with lots  
> of great code and ideas, I’m happy to step aside and let the module  
> go.
>     * A co-maintainer for panels module — While working on Panels  
> 2, I’ve basically let Panels 1 rot. It needs a lot of bug fixes, at  
> the very least. Also, I need someone to specifically maintain the  
> layouts. I’m NOT a CSS expert by any means, and the CSS seems like  
> it needs some adjustments. And I would like more layouts. And there  
> is a bunch of work to be done on Panels 2, as well. Panels is  
> looking like a very important module to Drupal right now — this is  
> a place someone could come in and really make a contribution.

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