[development] Tracking modules via CVS, WAS: Re: CVS branch work best practices?

Earnie Boyd earnie at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Feb 4 16:05:42 UTC 2007

Quoting Adrian Simmons <adrinux at perlucida.com>:

> I've read through all the new release system documentation during 
> updating my theme and I'm still confused, but that's probably because 
> there is no way to pull the latest stable release of a module or 
> theme from CVS right? It now depends entirely on how the maintainer 
> is working?

It has always depended on the maintainer.  Contributions are controlled 
by the maintainer and the maintainer has control of his CVS tags.  The 
powers of Drupal have set forth some guidelines but as long as the 
contribution is maintained those powers are not going to get their 
shorts twisted about how the maintainer HEAD, branch and tags are being 
created; they have better things to take care of, like what is to be 
included in the next release.  Each individual module/theme is in its 
own right control of its HEAD.  If the maintainer chooses not to use it 
so be it.  Open an issue with the module and gripe their where the 
individual maintainer who isn't doing it like every one else is who 
needs to here it.  That maintainer might not even be reading this list 
so he won't even know.  And, the contributed modules don't even have to 
use contributions/ CVS at all.

The point is contributions are separate entities that have a common 
interest of Drupal.  Together we form a community of cliques.  Those 
cliques often intertwine with one another and sometimes like CCK 
current intertwines with Drupal core.

> I'm beginning to see why so many other projects have 'stable' and 
> 'latest' tags...

Not relative to the conversation.  Just a different maintainer 
controlled method.


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