[development] Tracking modules via CVS, WAS: Re: CVS branch work best practices?

Adrian Simmons adrinux at perlucida.com
Mon Feb 5 15:57:11 UTC 2007

Greg Knaddison - GVS wrote:
> The old
> DRUPAL-4-7 branch of contrib isn't known to be stable so if you
> updated down that you could get anything (stable, unstable, buggy,
> etc.)
Indeed, we have always been at the mercy of module maintainers and always 
will be - thus using version control on your installation and keeping up 
with your database backups (including backing up the db before an update) 
has been and always will be good practice.

None the less tracking a modules DRUPAL-4-7 branch was a workable solution 
for keeping up with bug fixes and security updates etc in the past, the new 
release system makes it more work.

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