[development] CCK in Drupal 6

Larry Garfield larry at garfieldtech.com
Tue Feb 6 06:42:57 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 06 February 2007 12:08 am, Neil Drumm wrote:
> Dries Buytaert wrote:
> > On 02 Feb 2007, at 13:10, Ray Zimmerman wrote:
> >>> Getting more of CCK in core would be great.  Once more of CCK is in
> >>> core, we can talk again about profiles.  Now, where are the CCK
> >>> patches?  I haven't seen any yet. :-)
> >>
> >> Since getting more of CCK into core is, presumably, not a matter of
> >> simply copying the contrib CCK, I was wondering if anyone has laid out
> >> what exactly needs to be done? I'm not in a position to propose one,
> >> but it seems a prioritized task list would be the place to start.
> >
> > Good question.  In fact, after months of bugfixing, I could use an
> > update myself.  Hopefully CCK-wranglers like Eaton, Jaza, KarenS and
> > friends might be able to lay out a bit of a plan ...
> The big thing that is left is field management.
> I'd like to see:
> - No modules added. I don't think this is a feature that would want to
> be disabled at the system-level. There are other ways to organize code
> without adding more modules.
> - A generic solution that profiles fields work with.

Which then begs the question, if one were to simply rip the field management 
parts out of content.module, tuck them into node.module, and polish a bit, 
what would be left to do?

(For me it's value-add fields rather than value-add form primitives, which I 
imagine would involve hook_elements and hook_widget merging or becoming more 
closely linked or something, but that's just my speculation based on banging 
my head against a CCK field module for the past few days. <g>)

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