[development] create patch form

Darren Oh darrenoh at sidepotsinternational.com
Wed Feb 7 19:03:06 UTC 2007

> I believe that people not able and/or willing to provide proper  
> patches will probably only provide second rate code anyway and it  
> isn't worth the bother.

I was one of those people not long ago. Sometimes they fix things  
that wouldn't be fixed otherwise. At present, if the fix is  
worthwhile, a more experienced developer may go through the code and  
create a proper patch.

You may be right that it's not worth the trouble to make it easier  
for inexperienced people to contribute code, but it is worthwhile to  
make it easier for experienced developers to work on contributed  
code. Besides, it was an experienced developer who said this system  
would be easier for him to use.

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