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Here is the email I sent to travist regarding non-GPL flashplayer in contrib


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Hi Travis

Just looking at your flashvideo module. The ffmpeg stuff is really great,
I've been working with ffmpeg for a while and I like that you're making it
more accessible.

Regarding the flash player part of your module, I'd like to request that
you make flashvideo run on top of the SWF Tools API module.

This module provides a couple of advantages:
1. It easy to add support for many different Flash media/video/audio
2. You can choose from various flash replacement techniques (swfobject,
jquery.flash.js, UFO).

It also solves a problem for you. You have uploaded a Player.swf which I
am quite certain is Jeroen Wijering's Flash player.
This flash player is Creative Commons license, hence it cannot be stored
in Drupal contrib. SWF Tools ships with a special version of this flash
player that was kindly GPL'd by Jeroen. This version has a watermark and
link to Jeroen's site, which is only fair - if people want to download the
CC version of the player from his site, they can do this.

I discussed this problem in IRC, and for this reason I'm cc'ing the
developers mailing list so that a few people can follow the GPL issue to
its resolution.

But I really hope you like the idea of using SWF Tools API - you don't
need to move your project or anything, just change some of the code. I
think it's the best thing for Drupal as whole, since the community builds
up it's Flash-related expertise in one spot.


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