[development] No last access?

Carl Mc Dade carl_mcdade at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 11 12:33:27 UTC 2007


I am digging further. It looks like the order of process has changed. I tried to use hook_user to place my own timestamp in the database. This did not work. It seems that all user functions are after update. 

I will comeback with more information after more study of the behaviour.
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Op zondag 11 februari 2007 10:36, schreef Carl Mc Dade:
> This does not seem to be a problem in 4.7.4 but in 4.7.5+ and 5.1 calling
> user_load() functions $user->access and $user->login give the updated
> values and not the actual value in the database.

There were some security related changes made to the user _insert and _update. 
Maybe thye have to do with this? I suggest you browse through the cvs logs of 
user module to isolate the cahnges that cause this behaviour. Once 
identified, and detailed, I am sure there are people willing to help you 
solve the issue. It hmight have been an intentional change, it might have 
been a new bug introduced by one of the security fixes.

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