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Nope, That is updated first so their is no way of pulling the old time code before the newer on sets. This is the same problem as the access object. As matter of fact the login ia updated a split second before the access time.

access = 1171296985
login= 1171296984 
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> Is there no longer a last access functionality?
> using the global user and calling $user->access
> gives the value after the database has been updated.
> Not the value in the database at the time of login.
> Ex. the value in the database table is 0000002.
> You will not get this value but the value 0000003
> which is the time of the latest access.

The above was your original question.....

> No luck with that. Time code shown in
> database = 1171293946 timecode called by
> using the following
> print $account-access;
> 1171294179

Erm, am I missing something here or should you not be doing:-

print $account->login;

"login" holds the timestamp of the last login, "access" holds the timestamp
of the last browser hit for the user.

This is from user.module:-

  // Update the user table timestamp noting user has logged in.
  db_query("UPDATE {users} SET login = %d WHERE uid = %d", time(),

and this is from session.inc:-

  db_query("UPDATE {users} SET access = %d WHERE uid = %d", time(),


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