[development] CCK in Drupal 6

Yves Chedemois yched.drupal at free.fr
Wed Feb 14 03:27:49 UTC 2007

In order to have a clearer view and begin fiddling with this, I took the 
code in adrian's sandbox (currently raw php), and wrapped it in a 
fapi3_test module, which provides some test pages and a bridge with the 
current implementations of drupal_render and form_* processing functions 
- so that generated forms get in the form submitting / validating workflow.

I think this could be helpful to anyone willing to work on the area 
(Darrel, I don't know if you started something, but this should not 
really interfere)

I'm not really sure of the best way to make this available, though. I 
don't think this list accepts attached files, and committing this to my 
own sandbow would be sort of weird, since it's 95% adrian's code.
For now I posted it in the "CCK in core" thread Karen opened in the CCK 
issue queue : http://drupal.org/node/115822
(even though the FAPI3 road for 'fields in core' largely exceeds 
CCK-as-we-currently-know-it, so it might be better placed in core issue 
queue ?)


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