[development] TinyMCE Plus -- TinyMCE javascripts checked into CVS

Boris Mann boris at bryght.com
Thu Feb 15 10:09:58 UTC 2007

So, Drupal-Id is back over at TinyMCE Plus. And the TinyMCE
javascripts are checked into CVS --

So, I'm pretty confused as to where we are now
* TinyMCE Plus, Drupal-Id back doing ???
* TinyMCE -- confusion, although I *think* we got agreement on 5--1.x
as evolution of 4.7 code, and 5--2.x as the newer "compact" code with
less UI -- Kevin as main owner
* Moxie -- 4.7 evolution, Allie as lead, can probably go away if
5--1.x branch on "main" TinyMCE is OK

This sucks :(

Boris Mann
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San Francisco 415-367-3595
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