[development] TinyMCE Plus -- TinyMCE javascripts checked into CVS

Boris Mann boris at bryght.com
Thu Feb 15 18:30:56 UTC 2007

On 2/15/07, Kevin Reynen <kreynen at gmail.com> wrote:

> I think I might be one of the most informed people about all of the
> issues in all of the versions of TinyMCE enabling modules and I am
> willing to continue maintaining this module as time allows, but I
> understand the importance of error free WYSIWYG toolbars on Drupal's
> success.  If there is someone who is informed and has more time wants
> to take over, I'm not opposed to that.

I think we're pretty much set with having per-tag maintainers. It
would be great if you could be the "owner" of the TinyMCE project
node, maintain the 5.2 tag, and have Allie / Steve maintain the 5.1

Let's just settle on that and never speak of these dark times again :P

Ideally, we can converge on best practices going forward (5.3, The Reunion Tag).

> I have no problem working with other developers, but my attempts to
> discuss my POV with Allie basically led to name calling.  I use
> features from the previous version of 5.1 that I'd like maintained.
> If the Moxie group (and now possibly drupal-id) doesn't care about
> those features, then I agree with Dries and that modules should fork
> and the better feature set will win out.

Err....no, there was no name calling: there were clear points of view
why the existing features HAD to be editable through the web UI --
from ease of use to multisite compatability.

> IMHO, including drupal-id in these conversations isn't productive.
> The responses I've gotten from Jonathan (and/or Wendy) have been less
> than productive.  I understand that there is a language barrier, but
> the communication issues go beyond that.

He/She/whatever is out. Gerhard removed the JS files from TinyMCE plus.

> I would REALLY like to discuss this in some way other than email or in
> the issue queues with the people involved.  Is anyone interested in
> finding the time for a multiuser iChat or Skype audio conference?

borismann on Skype, or call me. But I think we've got it settled if
you're OK with this. BTW -- thanks for taking the time for this long
write up.

For those playing along at home, check out nedjo's jQuery clean up
patch for TinyMCE -- http://drupal.org/node/118747

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