[development] Multilingual support

Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Sun Feb 18 01:09:52 UTC 2007

Roberto Gerola wrote:

> Reading this post http://groups.drupal.org/node/2781
> and taking a look at the Subversion repository here :
> http://svn3.cvsdude.com/devseed/sandbox
> it seems to me that some crucial decisions about multingual
> support in Drupal are already taken, or am I wrong ?

The decisions will be final once code gets added to cvs on drupal.org. :p

IIRC Gabor is working on I18N for Drupal as part of his thesis work.

> For example, if I understand correctly, taxonomy translations
> will be implemented duplicating the trees, variables will
> be duplicated in their own table adding a language attribute.
> Well, I would like to know what is, if exists, the list of features
> that will be implemented in Drupal 6 to achieve multilingual support,
> and also the technical solutions that could be adopted.

I am not aware of such a list.

> For example, if the variables translation mechanism is definitive,
> we could think to use it soon, without working now on a different
> solution that could be abandoned in the next months.
> For taxonomy we could already port the new patches for the
> translation, and so on.
> I'm asking this because I would like, if possible, to avoid duplicating
> work and to be able to prepare a migration path for the users
> of Localizer when multilingual support will be in the core, probably,
> in the next release.

You probably should contact Goba.


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