[development] Multilingual support

roberto.gerola at speedtech.it roberto.gerola at speedtech.it
Sun Feb 18 13:29:25 UTC 2007

Hi Gabor.
First of all, I didn't want to offend anyone and I don't want to begin
a flame war.
So, my apologies if in some manner I have written something that can
have offended you and your work.
It wasn't my intention.

> Just as we started
> off the discussions recently, you asked yourself to get removed from
> the SVN server for unspecified reasons.
Yes, of course, because I have received no news and no answers,
neither by the mailing list, nor by groups.drupal.org.
I understand you are very busy, there is no problem.

> It would be nice to discuss these
> issues in the community I think, and this is why we did an open discussion
> before.
Yes. I agree.

> I was busy with the above specified stuff, and have not been able
> to take the helm to strongly lead. Noone else did it either.
I have made my posts, announcements and solution proposals there
in the attempt to help the development.
More than this is not possible for me.

>You asked to get removed and now you think the discussion is
>made in a closed group.
No, I have only said that in the mailing list and on
groups.drupal.org I have not received many answers to my posts,
so I have preferred to stop all my activities there.

> Maybe you should not ask for given decisions, but be part of the
> discussion, so we can make a better product together after all.
Yes. My proposals, my ideas and my work are all public.
My work is donated to the community, so if you think that
there is something that can be useful for this project,
it is there.

I have made this post only for a reason :
to know what is the future of multiligual support in Drupal,
from a technical point of view.
I prefer to not spend time and efforts on solutions for Localizer
now that wouldn't permit an easy port to the Drupal core solution
in the next months, and that could leave the Localizer users with
unusable systems in their hands, or with the need to rebuild their
sites from scratch.
I think I am responsabile to make everything I can
to prepare a migration path for the users that have believed in
me and in my work, so that they'll be able to switch easy from
Localizer to the definitive solutions that will be adopted in
Drupal core.

Thank you for your work.


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