[development] Multilingual support

Roberto Gerola roberto.gerola at speedtech.it
Mon Feb 19 08:45:09 UTC 2007

Gabor Hojtsy wrote:

> Roberto, we are not thinking in contrib modules now. We are thinking 
> in core patches. It was repeatedly pointed out by Dries that i18n 
> should be a core value of Drupal. You probably need to evaluate 
> whether you would like to work on "solutions for Localizer" or 
> solutions for Drupal core, if you don't have the time for both. I did 
> choose the later.
To be honest, I think I know very little about Drupal core and its 
and I think I couldn't be very productive working on that side.
So probably I can give my best contribute on external modules.
I have collected in this months many requests by the users, so I think
that I could make a list of these features and pass them to you,
so we can see together where the changes in the core impact and are

> So in some sense, these need to be deeply in core, albeit easily 
> usable, so they can be reused, and can have an impact on contrib 
> modules supporting i18n, but then they need to have as small a 
> performance impact if not used as possible.

> We have a mailing list, where any member can comment on patches made, 
> so we can discuss code directly. If you have better ideas for any of 
> the patches we make, you can just hit reply. I have seen you starting 
> two threads, one of which we closed as far as I have seen. The other 
> did have information not new for me, but anyway, I just replied to it. 
> Maybe we can go a bit deeper there and discuss the implementation 
> details now that we have a useable temporary Drupal fork to work with.
Well, I think this is my last post here.
I think it has more sense that the discussion now proceed on that 
dedicated mailing list, if you agree.

> I have looked at the documentation you pointed to written by your 
> friend Edward, and it seems to be a nice end user guide. 
Yes, Edward has written it from a final user point of view.
My first instructions were too technical and weren't of much help for 
the new users.

> What we need for Drupal core is a lower level focus. I did a deep code 
> review of your module a few months ago (as part of writing the i18n 
> report), but given the amazing pace of the work you do, it is not easy 
> to keep up with how and what you change.
Yes. I can understand.

> Your adoption speed to new ideas is very good for the Localizer 
> module, but some developer level documentation (or at least lower 
> level explanations in discussions) would be much more useable in our 
> work.
Well, I'll see what I can do in the next days / weeks.
I'll try to prepare some technical notes to explain the solutions adopted.
I have no problem to admit that some solutions are very bad and I am
trying to improve them in these days.

> Thank you for your work! You did bring some new ideas into the 
> equation, so being a fresher mind around Drupal i18n (at least 
> compared to some of us) is a very good news for us. Keep collaborating!
I'll do all my best to help.


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