[development] SVN vs. CVS? (was re: CVS branch work best practices?)

Jakob Petsovits jpetso at gmx.at
Mon Feb 26 09:22:33 UTC 2007

On Monday, 26. February 2007, Derek Wright wrote:
> but otherwise, all the same suckiness is there in both cases [1].
> getting into the details of this is OT -- my real point is that SVN
> is no paradise for revision control, especially regarding branches.
> sure, the "svn tag" operation is orders of magnitude *faster* than
> "cvs tag" in many cases, but it's no *simpler* to understand or get
> right.

Not that I disagree in principle with your reasoning about understanding 
revision control at all, just for correctness:

There is no such thing as an "svn tag" operation. SVN tags are plain copies 
from trunk (=HEAD) or from a branch, the only difference to branches is that 
they are not touched anymore after creation (and that they usually reside in 
tags/ instead of branches/). By itself, SVN doesn't distinguish at all 
between trunk, branches and tags.

sorry about nitpicking,

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