[development] link admin/help

Glenn Wybo glennwybo at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 28 13:42:46 UTC 2007


I'm writing a new module for drupal and was just trying to add some help in 
the module. Adding a description in admin/modules wasn't a problem, nut I 
also wanted to add some information to the admin/help. The code is :

function product_help($section = 'admin/help#product') {
  $output = "";

  switch ($section) {
    case 'admin/help#products':
      $output  = t('<p>Extends the functionality of the products - 
	  $output .= t('<p>We have actually added a tree structure to the products 
- menu, ');
	  $output .= t('which makes it easier to select a group of products and so 
navigate ');
	  $output .= t('through the store.</p>');
	  return $output;
  return $output;

Unfortunately, I don't see the link under admin/help. I think the code above 
is just wright, but I have to add a link somewhere.

Can anyone help me on this?


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