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Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Wed Jan 3 20:17:26 UTC 2007

Coordinate with Jeremy (Jaza), author of the Import / Export API module

See if there is duplication, or possibility of merging your features into

On 1/3/07, Dave Fletcher <fletch at splendora.com> wrote:
> Hi all.
> I created a quick XML import method and I'm wondering if others are
> interested in it.
> This thing defines a simple XML format with tags: drupal (doc element),
> vocab, term, user, node, comment. It imports each of these things by
> calling the relevant xxx_save() function. Each of those tags can define
> a "fields" child element. The children of <fields> are turned into
> object, array, or primitive values and passed to the save func. Node
> elements located inside term elements are categorized by that term.
> The system holds a legacy ID which is mapped to a Drupal ID. It is used
> to ensure a piece of content is not imported multiple times. Therefore,
> an XML document can be updated and imported again without causing dupes.
> The system can also use this ID to reference existing content, for
> example in a uid field or the taxonomy array.
> Since it's just calling node_save to do all the work, this system can
> import custom node types simply by providing the right 'type' field in a
> node element and providing the fields that the custom node module
> expects. I have imported 5 different content types using this method: a
> custom review type, polls, blog (converted the mt2drupal script to this
> XML format), a custom newsletter type, and galleries.
> I of course know about Jaza's work on import/export API but it seemed
> like an overkill solution to me and I didn't want to really learn an
> API. I just wanted a quick XML format to do some dirty work which I
> tried to do by hand on the first rev. The XML format mainly allows me to
> inspect the data before I run the import.
> So my question for you, fellow Drupallers, is does this sound useful to
> you? Would it be worth my time turning this thing into a real module?
> Currently it's a command-line hack that lives in Drupal root directory
> and bootstraps. It would be neat if there was a module page, an upload
> form, and perhaps some support functions for creating the XML format
> from code.
> Cheers,
> --fletch
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