[development] Releasemonitor Module (was Version2 Module)

Doug Green douggreen at douggreenconsulting.com
Thu Jan 4 03:23:35 UTC 2007

I've checked in some changes intended to move the currently named version2
module toward project release management (proposed releasemonitor module)
instead of just module versions.  


The most recent changes are:


* shows projects instead of modules

* look and feel more like a release monitor, changed text from "version" to
"release", "module" to "project", tried to remove references to cvs and

* added a "show cvs" setting in Drupal 5 that defaults to off.

* pulls description information from the .info file, when it is available

* added links to the d.o project page (would like to eventually make this
the release download page, but I need to get that project status stuff
implemented to do this)


I'd like to rename the project "releasemonitor", but guess I believe that I
need some help doing so:




One question... when the project is renamed in CVS, will someone also rename
module files (.module, .install, and .info)? 


This stuff is in the HEAD/5.x-1.x-dev release currently at (but hopefully
moving soon):






My wife wants me to get back to work that pays, so I hope y'all like this ;)


Doug Green




Changing the world one node at a time!


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On 03 Jan 2007, at 14:14, Doug Green wrote:

> Sure, I'd be happy to work on this next part.


Great!  Thanks Doug! :)


> I don't think it's as bad as Dries says.  It wasn't a waste of time  

> because

> this module will help some people with the 4.7 -> 5.0 upgrade (me  

> being one

> of them).  For it to be useful to the Drupal masses, though, it  

> needs to

> (and will) use the new project system.


Ok, I agree that something is better than nothing.  The current  

module is a useful first step within the capabilities of Drupal 4.7.   

For Drupal 5.0 we can all collaborate on something better. :-)


Rock on folks,



Dries Buytaert  ::  http://www.buytaert.net/


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