[development] About CSS3

Gordon Heydon gordon at heydon.com.au
Thu Jan 4 04:21:03 UTC 2007


Darrel O'Pry wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-01-03 at 18:30 -0800, Steven Wittens wrote:
>> Drupal 5.0 will be the first Drupal that includes some CSS3. Several  
>> people have brought up concerns or 'bug reports' about this.


>> IMO this is the price to pay for progress. Drupal is still sticking  
>> to a standard, and one which has real-world implementations.
>> Objections? :P
>> Steven Wittens
> I have none. Maybe if people start using it, adoption and ratification
> process will accelerate. I would like to see that happen myself. 
I am of the same feeling. If we (web developers) show a use for these 
new specifications, then the W3C is more likely to move faster in 
setting them as standard.

Also with the fact that as of firefox 3 (the current dev tree) 3 of the 
4 major browsers will be ACID2 compliant (Opera, Safari, and in dev 
Firefox) we should be starting to push the css standards more where it 
doesn't break that other browser.


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