[development] Project Monitor Module

Doug Green doug at civicactions.com
Sun Jan 7 16:00:57 UTC 2007

I've made some improvements to the UI of the projectmonitor module
(originally version2) based on the initial feedback from this list and one
user's experience.  The current 5.x-1.x-dev release is now somewhat stable
and ready for another round of testing.  This version works on both 4.7 and


It's working pretty well for me on sites where the contrib modules were
downloaded with CVS.  I've done much less testing on systems that pull
directly from the Drupal release system.  While I'm pretty happy with the
process of identifying out-of-date modules (.at least on systems pulling
from CVS), I'd prefer to provide better "download" links.  I think that I'm
going to have to use/improve the new Drupal release system to get these.


Anyways, I hope I'm moving in the right direction.


Doug Green




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