[development] Generic bug in Rel 5

Derek Wright drupal at dwwright.net
Mon Jan 15 20:32:57 UTC 2007

On Jan 15, 2007, at 12:23 PM, Walt Daniels wrote:

> Parse error: parse error, unexpected '&', expecting T_VARIABLE or  
> '$' in
> /home/yktdan/public_html/drupal5/modules/contrib/fquery/ 
> fquery.module on
> line 76
> Similar bugs in coder and widgedit and probably elsewhere

a) these are all contrib modules, so your subject was both a little  
misleading and a lot scary at first. ;)

b) please post these bug reports where they belong, into the issue  
queue of each corresponding project where you see the bug.  e.g. to  
report this error for fquery, you'd use:


for other projects, just replace "fquery" in that URL, or change the  
"Project" drop-down selector on the above form.

c) actually, before submitting, please search for existing issues in  
each project, first.  these might already be well-known bugs.  hehe,  
for example:


-derek (dww)

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