[development] adoption for 'abandoned' modules?

Boris Mann boris at bryght.com
Fri Jan 19 15:39:00 UTC 2007

On 1/19/07, Jill Elaine <jillsemail at bendbroadband.com> wrote:
> Getting back to this subject, developers here have suggested that
> contributed modules should, ideally, have a co-maintainer. Others have
> suggested max-time-limits for 'ignored' modules before they are allowed
> to be adopted.
> Since Drupal is all about flexibility, what about gathering a little
> more info from developers at the time they request a CVS account?
> The current CVS app is pretty sparse http://drupal.org/cvs-account Here
> are some suggested additional questions:


Lots of good stuff. Making the form uber complicated makes us do lots
of work in coding (and potentially storing) that information.

Let's take a bunch of that stuff and create a second textarea,
suggesting that that information get included. Co-maintainer
information in particular is a good idea....but I think that is
already stored in the project / CVS module. So...good instructions
there on adding

A field with an alternate email address is probably the other bit we
could get as structured data. The project module has an email address
field that we could use for this?

> Comments? Suggestions?

Gerhard/infrastructure: could we run info that shows us which modules
haven't had a commit in 3 months? Trimming and announcing stale
modules is something else we can do.

Thanks, Jill!

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