[development] nodify.module idea: 'everything is a node'

Rob Thorne rob at torenware.com
Sat Jan 20 01:16:19 UTC 2007

Nedjo Rogers wrote:
> Questions:
> - does this approach sound useful?
> - who's working on something similar? better?
> - pitfalls?
> - anyone wanting to work on this?
> Thanks, Nedjo

I've done these kinds of schemes before (I do it with a variety of 
CiviCRM objects).  It has its pluses and minuses.

First,  it's worth thinking about specific use cases,  since in many 
cases, I've discovered that a node devoted to the object is *not* what 
people really want.  More typically, what they *really* want is to see 
the object as an element in a page, or as an item in a list.  For the 
first, CCK does the job better than a stand-alone node object.  For the 
latter, Views does a very good job.  I've found that almost everything I 
originally thought to do via "nodification" I ended up doing via CCK or 
Views, as a result.

If you do want to do it, I've found it to be pretty simple to 
implement.  If the objects map well to the kind of info people like to 
use for nodes (i.e., it's not weird to see it as a page by itself, you 
need to control access like a node, etc.), then it's not a bad solution.


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