[development] adoption for 'abandoned' modules?

Karen Stevenson karen at elderweb.com
Sat Jan 20 12:12:06 UTC 2007

That comment was supposed to be a little tongue in cheek. 

Yes I know some of the high profile developers have done that and I can understand why. I think it has to be combined with other factors -- no way to contact them directly + no response to open issues on the queue = a developer whose modules need to get downgraded or adopted.

However I do think there is really no reason for new developers who are not so high profile to make themselves unreachable.

Anyway, I wasn't really proposing automatic action against anyone whose contact form was disabled.

Everyone reacted to my tongue in cheek comment and no one reacted to what I thought was the important idea -- that we provide a place on the project page where you can identify the co-maintainers.


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> > Also, I would require that anyone listed as a maintainer must have
> > their contact form enabled, otherwise they get de-listed and their
> > project gets put up for adoption on a special adoption page. OK,
> > maybe that last bit is a little strong :-) but whether or not there
> > is a way to contact the maintainer should be another factor in our
> > 'gold star' system.
> Not too strong at all. If a person wants to control a project but
> doesn't want to be contacted, he should maintain the project on his
> own computer, not on Drupal. Let people who disable their contact
> forms have CVS access, but find someone who will actually maintain a
> project to be the maintainer.

Um, and those that out of frustration with people using the contact
forum to mail them directly for support instead of using the issue
queue?  Do we disable their contrib. modules?  Site admins can use the
contact form.  We have the email information and can email directly.

Not to put a fine point on it but I know several active module
contributors who have disabled their contact modules because of this
sort of abuse.

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