[development] Referential integrity -- finally?

Victor Kane victorkane at gmail.com
Sat Jan 20 16:19:31 UTC 2007

> > Referential integrity is good.
> > No doubt about it.
> > But the purchase of InnoDB by Oracle last year is worrying, if Drupal
> > is going to have any kind of dependence on that storage engine.
> I wasn't suggesting we'd make Drupal core use InnoDB tables.  If we
> start caring about referential integrity, MyISAM would continue to
> work -- and would probably continue to be the default table engine.
> The MyISAM storage engine simply ignores all statements that have to
> referential integrity could
> be a good reason to use InnoDB tables or PostgreSQL.  Being sure that
> my data is in a consistent/correct state, matters a great deal for me.
I agree completely.
In the year or so that I have been working with Drupal I can see
indeed that "the Drupal way" is to solve our problems (and the need
for referential integrity is key here) basing ourselves fully on GPL
solutions; and in this sense the excellent PostgreSQL (a product some
say even excels when compared to fully commercial products such as
Oracle) perhaps should be brought more into the center of the picture,
or elevated from its status as "also supported", this without demoting
MySQL in any way. And I have put this philosophy into practice by
filing issues where modules have not supported several PostgreSQL
installations I have been responsible for.

> Plus, you could also look at this from a different perspective.  It
> could mean that -- all of a sudden -- Drupal works with Oracle
> (assuming they add InnoDB support to Oracle).  You'll find that many
> serious DBAs (often Oracle users) care a lot about referential
> integrity.

Victor Kane

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