[development] all DRUPAL-4-(7|6) tags are now branches

Derek Wright drupal at dwwright.net
Sun Jan 21 02:27:41 UTC 2007

hello world,

after manually helping various folks convert DRUPAL-4-(7|6) tags into  
branches, i couldn't stand it anymore, so i wrote a script to do this  
conversion in bulk.  after lots of testing on scratch.drupal.org, and  
coordination with killes in IRC, i just ran this script for real on  
the d.o contrib repository.

everything went smoothly, so there are no longer any DRUPAL-4-(7|6)  
tags in our repository.  they're all branches now, like we always  

the cvs access control scripts prevent people from adding new tags  
(e.g. DRUPAL-5) that should really be branches, so this was only a  
problem for older modules and themes.

see http://drupal.org/node/103429 for details (and, if you care, the  
script i used for this).

list of all DRUPAL-4-7 tags that were converted to branches (71 total):

list for DRUPAL-4-6 (90 total):


p.s. i disabled the repository's email notification on new tags when  
these scripts ran, so if you're wondering why you didn't get email  
about any of these branches being added as it was happening, that's why.

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