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Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Mon Jan 22 10:37:03 UTC 2007

Op zondag 21 januari 2007 12:15, schreef Victor Kane:
> Am having trouble posting to your site, so will throw in my interest
> to participate/approach here.
I too cannot post.

<a href="http://drupal.org/project/sympal_theme">Sympal Theme</a> is exactly 
what you want to make. The only difference? it already exists!

the files aready converted </a>

Okay, 24 .tpl.php files is not where the most work went into: creating a good 
standard, consistent and semantic XHTML scheme to stick to, was. Now that we 
have that consistent XHTML scheme, all tpl.php files are quite easy to 
generate: no longer do you need to think hours about what HTML that file 
should contain, the standards already define it for you: its a matter of 
seconds to create these files and let them fit into the site while keeping 
the rendered pages very well structured!

Watch that project grow more tpl.php files in the next weeks. And please 
consider adding to this project, instead of starting a new project!?


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