[development] Referential integrity -- finally?

Rowan Kerr rowan at stasis.org
Tue Jan 23 04:53:20 UTC 2007

On 22-Jan-07, at 5:31 AM, adrian rossouw wrote:
> Maintaining schemas is still a lot of work,. and i fear adding another 
> layer of complexity to it will start making it unmanageable.

If the schemas are designed correctly, there should not need to be many 
changes made over time. :)

> This means we're going to be doing essentially the same work 6 times 
> over. And that's only for core, the majority of contrib
> modules will still not work on other db's.

Or we could write some schema migration helper functions when queries 
between different databases are too different?

> I also seriously doubt that just adding referential integrity is going 
> to draw lots of postgresql experts out of the ether..

This affects more than just PostgreSQL. Having RI, while not some sort 
of silver bullet, will make database design sticklers take Drupal more 
seriously and open up new areas for deployment.


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