[development] Is DRUPAL-5 branch necessary for module?

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Tue Jan 23 16:17:31 UTC 2007

Vernon Mauery wrote:
> I am not a CVS guru, but I think this model makes perfect sense to me
> -- until HEAD is not compatible with 5.0, there is no need to branch.
> But then, it sounds like that won't be too long before some major
> changes are introduced to HEAD.  But you still might keep your module
> HEAD compatible with D5 until the D6 API (or whatever is next)
> stabilizes.

Well, there are people who cvs update from the DRUPAL-5 tag, which means they 
can't get your module. I had a bug posted to my issue queue about that. I'm not 
sure how I feel about it. Maintaining 2 branches when you only support one 
Drupal version is a serious pain, IMO, and it's beyond a lot of developers.

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