[development] Referential integrity -- finally?

Michael Favia michael at favias.org
Tue Jan 23 18:49:20 UTC 2007

Earnest Berry III wrote:
> Hm. Could there be a way to keep both optimization and the abstraction
> layer?
> e.g. I can still do my case $db_type for fine grained schema creation
> control, and then after my switch run a general
> db_create_table($table_array) for tables that do not need the
> fine-grained control.....but then again....that's riding the
> fence...hmm...yeah, no win-win here. blah.

i disagree with the riding the fence comment. There CAN be more than 1
way to do something "right" in drupal if we'd like no? I agree i like to
unify where i can but sometimes there is a good argument to provide two
different ways to do something because the use case changes (which seems
to be the case here). One could even use the other in its implementation
if desired to reduce code duplication.

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