[development] Eliminate hooks entirely in Drupal 6

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Wed Jan 24 01:05:59 UTC 2007

+1 from me too.

I think the potential for speed is huge for this patch. The less files we
load the
faster Drupal will be for sure.

Some comments:

- I am torn about the .register file though. Why? Because we are moving
towards too
many files already (first .install, then .info, then .register, then .foo,
ad nauseum).
Perhaps this is overcome by one hook only modulename_register() or

- Another option is to have a compiler for Drupal. Once a site is "compiled"
all the modulename_callbacks() functions are written to ONE file for all the
site's modules and themes, or perhaps two files, one for core and the other
for contrib. This single file (or two), can be loaded once instead of some
30 .callback or .module files, which will be faster. We then get the
of Karoly's split patch as a bonus.

- In development mode, the compile step is dynamic, making the site slower,
but guaranteed to be "fresh".

- We can even make the development mode be the default if we want, and
the compile step is an optimization step for sites who need it.
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