[development] Drag and Drop UI standards

Stefan Nagtegaal development at istyledthis.nl
Wed Jan 24 19:22:00 UTC 2007

Op 24-jan-2007, om 19:44 heeft Ken Rickard het volgende geschreven:
> Now that we have jQuery in Drupal, there are all sorts of drag-and- 
> drop interface possibilities.
> Questions, too, by the look of http://drupal.org/search/node/drag 
> +and+drop .
> I've been working on one for my project, using the interface jQuery  
> plug-in, and have a two simple questions:
I think - when you're going to make use of interface - you should  
make this a contrib module, or only use and port the wrapper  
functions into some separate .js file.. I do almost know for sure,  
drupal core will _never_ ship with the jQuery Interface library..

> 1) Do we have any best-practice guidelines on using drag-and-drop?
No, but perhaps that is because we do not have any drag-and-drop  
yet.. ;-)

> 2) Specifically, if the action requires saving the state change,  
> should that save be automatic (on-drop) or user initiated (extra  
> button or link on-click)?
I think this is a matter of personal opinion.. But, I personally like  
automatic (on-drop) saving more than with the extra interaction  
(using a button perhaps)..

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