[development] Reproducing 'login does not stick' error - what does an expert want me to do?

Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Thu Jan 25 08:12:02 UTC 2007

Zohar Stolar wrote:
> Scott McLewin wrote:
>> I'm running the latest 4.7 code (cvs up as of tonight).  I have finally 
>> managed to reproduce a problem that several of my users have reported, and one 
>> that I see chatter on in the d.o forums.  It is the/a problem where you log in 
>> with a valid username/password, you appear in the list of users that are 
>> on-line, but the login does not 'take' and you are given an access denied 
>> screen when redirected to path user/##.
>> I can authenticate and create new sessions just fine in FF 2.0.  IE7, running 
>> on the same physical box, will not complete the authentication.
> I had the same problem and couldn't find enough documentation or hints in D.O. 
> forums.
> Finally, after spending lots of time on finding a solution, I found an ugly 
> hack. Yep, When one hasn't the time needed for a good solution, one finds ugly 
> hack and hopes the problem disappear in the next release :-[ .
> My observation was that IE ignores the cookies sometimes, regardless of the 
> privacy settings. What I did was to:
> <uglyHack>
> Through sites/default/settings.php and .htaccess, I forced the URL to always 
> redirect to http://mysite.com (no www)
> </uglyHack>
> Then people stopped calling me for that problem...
> I know this solution might offend certain core developers, but I beg for mercy, 
> as I really needed a quick solution :-(

Drupal.org is doing that for years, so it can't be that bad. :p


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