[development] Drag and Drop UI standards

Syscrusher syscrusher at 4th.com
Thu Jan 25 15:36:08 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 24 January 2007 18:17, Stefan Nagtegaal wrote:
> For people who would like to see some demo's of jQuery Interface  
> plugin in action, have a look here:
> - draggables demo: http://interface.eyecon.ro/demos/drag.html

This one works in Konqueror, but has some odd behaviors like moving objects
other than the one selected, and sometimes things don't stay where they are
dropped (and I mean that happens in places other than where it is supposed to).

> - sortables demo: http://interface.eyecon.ro/demos/sort.html

This works in Konqueror if you wait about 30 seconds for it to initialize.
Konqueror warns about a tight loop in JS, but if you tell it to ignore the
first and second warnings, eventually the demo appears on the page. Once that
happens, it works flawlessly.

> I must say, i love them both... :-)

I do, too, in concept, but the point I'm making is that they are not fully
browser-independent yet. Before I would want to see something like this in
Drupal core, I would want it to work correctly with all the browsers used by
significant numbers of Drupal users: Firefox, Konqueror, Safari, Opera, and
(unfortunately) Internet Exploder.

The Drupal core team has done an outstanding job so far of achieving cross-
browser compatibility. I regularly use three different browsers to access
Drupal sites, and find that the current JavaScript features in Drupal work
fine with all of the browsers I use. I hope that will continue if we decide to
add DnD to the Drupal feature set.

That being said, I'm all in favor of the addition of this tool. There are some
things, like ordering items in a list, that just cry out for DnD functionality
as the most intuitive way for the user to indicate his or her wishes.


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