[development] Drag and Drop UI standards

Syscrusher syscrusher at 4th.com
Thu Jan 25 19:54:32 UTC 2007

On Thursday 25 January 2007 11:27, Jakob Petsovits wrote:
> If it's standards-compliant JavaScript, the bug is up to the Konqueror 
> developers to fix, it's not the web developers' responsibility.
> (...and the Konqueror devs have explicitely said so.) Don't work
> around Konqueror bugs, rather write up a bug report on bugs.kde.org
> and wait for it to be fixed.
> That's better for the web, and better for Konqueror as well.

I agree with this, but have found that most standards-compliant JS works
fine with newer versions of Konqueror.

I didn't mean to ask that anyone specifically target working around
Konqueror bugs, only that we ensure that the JS code is truly standards-
compliant, rather than "nonstandard but works on Firefox and IE".
I haven't examined the DnD example code, so I don't kow which category
defines it. If the former, then I agree it's Konqueror's problem not


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