[development] Database schema abstraction and *reflection* (was: Referential integrity -- finally?)

FGM fgm at osinet.fr
Fri Jan 26 07:39:21 UTC 2007

When doing a Firebird 1.x port of Drupal, I met a limitation of the
underlying DBMS with the node_access table, which can't be created with a
structure equivalent to the MySQL/PGSQL versions (see
for the workaround).

Would that level of abstraction enable us to use this type of solution (an
additional table f-keyed to a base table) ? It looks like iti wouldn't be
sufficient yet.

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Subject: [development] Database schema abstraction and *reflection* (was:
Referential integrity -- finally?)

> I raised the issue of database schema abstraction last summer, and I
> know that other people raised it before me.  The arguments this time
> seem to be the same as the used to be (though apparently Dries is
> closer to being persuaded :-).
> I would like to elaborate on my primary reason for supporting a
> database schema abstraction layer (not for data manipulation (SELECT,
> etc.), just for CREATE TABLE, ALTER, etc): database schema reflection.

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