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Stefan Nagtegaal development at istyledthis.nl
Fri Jan 26 17:59:55 UTC 2007

Op 26-jan-2007, om 15:48 heeft Ken Rickard het volgende geschreven:

> Let me redirect a little back to the original post.
> Any discussion other than UI expectations is premature.
> The original question is still primarily about user expectations,  
> not the code used to implement.
> Using Interface for jQuery seems a logical start, but is not a  
> requirement.  (And the dual MIT/GPL license of Interface issue is  
> noted here: http://groups.drupal.org/node/2512).
> It seems that we may have a significant number of contrib modules  
> (and some core) that would benefit from a  Drag-and-Drop UI.  Given  
> that, it seems wise to have some common guideliness, so that users  
> don't face different UI for each implementation.
> Personally, I like Drag-and-Drop-and-Save (automated), but I don't  
> want to implement that if Panels or Menus or Blocks uses Drag-and- 
> Drop-and-Click-to-Save.
I *do* like the drag-drop-and-save (automated) method to, but while  
in all other form area's we also use submit_buttons to submit form  
data. So, for consistency i would go for the drag-drop-and-click-to- 
save method.

Yours sincerely,


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