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Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Sun Jan 28 08:26:05 UTC 2007

Op zondag 28 januari 2007 08:18, schreef FGM:
> Not to forget breadcrumbs based on (book) outlining.

Lets just conclude that we should *not* focus on all the possible 
breadcrumb-schemes possible, there are too many  :)

A breadcrumb is an array of 'objects': one » two » three, or one » twenty » 
hundred » three. the 'path' between 'one' and 'three' can go via 'two', but 
also via 'twenty' and 'hundred'. It all depends on your site, the modules and 
your specific wishes. We should find a way to a) define these arrays of 
objects in such a way that the owner of a site has them all at his/her 
disposal. and b) to allow flexibility for modules to define where they appear 
in a breadcrumb, and how they appear there.
Example: forum (being taxo term) wants "home » discussion » forums » Cheese"
While a frontpage-entry (a forum item promoted) may want "home » tags » 
Cheese". Drupal core should at least allow the flexibility to choose both.

My idea: modules expose breadcrumbs if they like. The last (basis) module 
providing breadcrumbs is the menu-module (system.module in fact), as a 
fallback when no module exposed items is the menu trail. Every module adds 
certain namespaces (yet to be defined, but think about: title, parent_id, 
url/path) and a weight. 

In the end, Drupal core should render the item with the lowest #weight for a 
certain item. 

That way, your module can assign lower weights then that-other-module if you 
insist on overriding. But it is also simple enough to develop a 

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