[development] Drupal 6 release schedule

Dries Buytaert dries at buytaert.net
Wed Jan 31 21:04:52 UTC 2007

Hello world,

I'm mailing to talk a bit more about the Drupal 6 release schedule.  
Drupal 5 had a 3 month development period, followed by a 5 month code  
freeze.  For Drupal 6, I'd like to propose a 4 month development  
period, followed by a code freeze.  As with Drupal 5, the code freeze  
will be guaranteed to be at least 2 months to give module authors  
time to plan and catch up.  In practice, and depending on the state  
of Drupal core at the code freeze date, it might take more than two  
months to get things stable.

Sounds good?

Dries Buytaert  ::  http://www.buytaert.net/

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