[development] taking a break

Nedjo Rogers nedjo at islandnet.com
Sun Jul 1 17:39:48 UTC 2007

Chad Phillips wrote:

> so i'm just suggesting that you take a look at why you're still the
> only person with final say, and determine if that's the best policy
> going forward.

Current developments in the patch queue - re the Deletion API, the book 
module, the proposed update module, and various others - have only 
strengthened my respect for Dries' integrity and the crucial role he 
continues to play in the project.

It is easy to say, "I like that functionality, let's go with it". It is much 
harder to insist on quality, and on every patch proving itself on its own 

To ensure that everything that gets in does so for the right reasons. To not 
get caught up in the politics of behind the scenes jockeying or the 
pressures and groupthink that happen when people line up behind a popular 
developer or feature. To ignore the questions "what are they going to say 
about me on IRC" or "what will X say about my code now that I criticized 
his/hers". To insist, quietly but firmly, that three good features, no 
matter how shiny, don't justify one sloppy or wrong one. To always ask the 
hard, unpopular, but necessary questions, even in the face of hostility and 
public criticism.

There are very few members of our community who consistently meet these 
measures. Dries is one of them, and Drupal's success is due in significant 
measure to that fact.

Compare comments here, two and a half years ago:


Have I changed my mind? Have others? 

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