[development] Perm for setting RTBC - Re: RTBC - how does it work?

Augustin (Beginner) drupal.beginner at wechange.org
Mon Jul 2 13:19:27 UTC 2007

On Monday 02 July 2007 20:50, Derek Wright wrote:
> On Jul 2, 2007, at 8:22 AM, Augustin (Beginner) wrote:
> > Well, there is a permission for "set issue status patch (ready to
> > commit)"
> > in  ?q=admin/user/access .
> > Why not make good use of it?

> This is trivial, and there's already an issue open about 
> this, but just wanted to point out there might be a few minor gotchas
> like this as we start to implement role-based issue status
> functionality.  Nothing that can't be solved, of course.

Thanks for the heads-up about this bug.
I just browsed and search the issue queue, but couldn't find a reference:

> HOWEVER, the big problem here is that these permissions are site-
> wide.  And I'm not sure we want the same restriction to apply to who
> can RTBC in *all* issue queues across the site, do we?  I presume
> people are imagining this for the core queue, but not all queues.
> So, that's a big problem.  Either we accept that it's site-wide and
> basically make it harder for people to RTBC non-core issues, or we'd
> have to do a bunch of work to make these perms somehow per-project,
> not site-wide (og_project.module, anyone? ;) -- just kidding).

When I was writing my proposal, I was aware of this implication.
I am perfectly happy to have the perm set site-wide.
After all, a good core reviewer will also be a good contrib reviewer, even 
more so since core is much more strict about review. 
Thus, it is an additional assurance for a contrib module maintainer: if a 
patch is set as RTBC, she knows it comes from a core-hardened reviewer. 

For the rest, statuses (PNW, PNR, RTBC) are used with much less consistency in 
contrib. Module users are happy to have just any quick fix, whether or not 
the fix is the appropriate one, as long as it works.

This move would export some of the core professionalism into contrib, and it 
can only help contrib module maintainers, especially the good ones :)

so, +1 for site-wide setting.


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