[development] Subsystem maintainers or targeted committers?

Karen Stevenson karen at elderweb.com
Mon Jul 2 16:23:34 UTC 2007

The simpler version would be a new status "concept needs feedback" (or something like that).  Indicating "please talk before I write code so that I can write code."  For most non-trivial changes that's probably a good idea anyway (design first!), and would be an explicit flag for subsystem experts (formal or informal) as well as committers to jump in and nip a dumb idea in the bud, correct a design flaw before it gets codified, or indicate that they think something is a really good idea.

And it keeps it on-site rather than on people's blogs. :-)  It could eve have its own custom link (like the "patches needing review" link) so people can see what's being discussed at-a-glance.

This accomplishes most of what I was thinking and it would be very simple to do. So if I see that Dries (or anyone else, but especially Dries) has marked an issue 'concept needs feedback', I would know that I either need to add support to the reasons why it's needed or the direction that it's taking, or assume it's not going anywhere right away and spend my time elsewhere.

And 'Concept needs feedback' implies that you want thoughtful responses and not just a '+1'.

And it would be very interesting to see what concepts others are discussing on that custom link.

I like it :-)


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