[development] Perm for setting RTBC - Re: RTBC - how does it work?

Fernando Silva fsilva.pt at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 18:10:52 UTC 2007

On 7/2/07, Gerhard Killesreiter <gerhard at killesreiter.de> wrote:
> If all the people who have written on this list today would instead just
> have spent some time in the patch queue, Drupal would be better tomorrow...

It's not exactly like you say, specially when there are people that
work on the issue queue, and that are never taken serious by core
developers (whatever the reason is).

BTW, some of the items you marked as "won't fix" have more than an
year, and none of you had time to commit it before 4.6 died. It's
easy, to close issues that way.

Life is like this, _some_ influent guys do not deserve their position
because they do not respect others in any way! Bah...

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