[development] Intelligent use of time (Re: Perm for setting RTBC

andrew morton drewish at katherinehouse.com
Tue Jul 3 16:35:18 UTC 2007

On 7/3/07, Jeff Eaton <jeff at viapositiva.net> wrote:
> The fundamental problem, though, is that a core committer is also
> 'the final reviewer,' the last line of defense between Drupal core
> and conceptually flawed code. The system works best when core
> committers don't *have* to spend a lot of time on that part of their
> role. And that's what breaks when the queue gets saturated with
> premature RTBC's. Their role as 'final reviewer' sucks up more and
> more time, and fewer patches can get the attention necessary to make
> the commit happen.

One thing I've seen mentioned a few times that was omitted from
Fernando's list is the feedback early on from core committers. I
suppose those lucky enough to make it out to the DrupalCons can get
some face to face time to ask if their ideas seem like acceptable
approaches. But for everyone else, trying to get that feedback solely
via the issue queue, this list and IRC it's difficult. For me that's
what doesn't work in the current process.


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