[development] Modules - start your porting

Moshe Weitzman weitzman at tejasa.com
Tue Jul 3 19:34:48 UTC 2007

Hi all. It would be very helpful if module maintainers could soon start 
porting their modules to Drupal 6. Some big, important modules require 
multiple people to get this job done right (e.g. Views, CCK, ...). Let's 
  help these maintainers.

Porting modules now:
- helps our beta testers run their sites to Drupal6 and report bugs.
- identify hidden API limitations in core that only surface when modules 
start using new features (fapi, actions, etc.). the longer we wait, the 
harder it gets to make even minor API changes in 6.

If you have reasons not to port now, then don't. But please don't use 
this thread to convince others to also wait. Porting early is a generous 
act which we want to encourage.

The API will change very little now, so seize the day!


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