[development] Suggestions for improving the issue tracker

Derek Wright drupal at dwwright.net
Tue Jul 3 20:08:36 UTC 2007

Ok, open season on the devel list regarding feature requests for our  
issue tracker is hereby closed. ;)

There were some great suggestions, and I'm glad I asked.  The results  
are now here:


This is a wiki page, sticky at the top of the issue tracking group:


Many of the suggestions already have issues in the queue.  Since some  
were easy for me to fill in, I already added those links.  I didn't  
track them all down, so others have an issue, we just need to find  
the link.  Still others aren't yet in the queue (amazing!), and could  
use an issue associated with them.

The list isn't prioritized or ordered (mostly), it's just in the  
order I found stuff while processing my inbox.

So, you can help by:

1) Adding any further suggestions directly to this list, not via the  
devel list.

2) Reading through the list, finding issues for things that don't  
have a link, and filling in the link.  Please note: you should search  
in both the project and the project_issue queue, since many things  
(especially older issues) are in the wrong queue, or people submitted  
to the wrong queue and I didn't have the energy to reassign them, etc.

3) If you're sure something doesn't already exist in either queue,  
submit a new project_issue ticket about it and add a link to the wiki  

4) General info on how to help with project* development:

Thanks for all the help! ;)  Given how much interest there is in  
this, I'm hopeful that some volunteers will step up.


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